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Canoe Danube Valley

Paddle through the Swabian Grand Canyon!

Start your tour in the Beuron district of Hausen im Tal. This is the first entry point for canoeing on the Young Danube! Further upstream, the river is closed to boats due to nature conservation reasons.

Canoeing for the whole family

The tour is also ideal for families with children. Due to the limited number of boats, you can enjoy the scenic beauty in peace and quiet.
More boats are only added downstream in Thiergarten and Gutenstein.

You will receive the canoe for the whole day (until 6 pm), regardless of whether you are travelling the short distance to Thiergarten (7 km), the medium distance to Gutenstein (11 km) and Dietfurt (15 km) or the long distance to Sigmaringen (21 km). Depending on the waterlevel you will need aproximatly 6h to Sigmaringen (21 km)

You do not need to decide your destination beforehand. Decide spontaneously during the canoeing trip how far you want to paddle!

die komplette strecke für kanutouren im oberen donautal